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Caregivers Ongoing Practical Education & Support (COPES)

Do You Ever…

Desire to be with other caregivers to share your problems and difficulties?
Wonder how other caregivers manage their responsibilities?
Wish for more information about your loved one’s illness, physical changes, and losses?
Are you willing to help others by sharing knowledge about what has worked for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then COPES could be the right program for you.

What We Discuss

Caregivers constantly demonstrate love, concern, and commitment while shouldering multiple responsibilities for loved ones. The COPES program provides the caregiver with ongoing practical training and support. We provide training for those caregivers with patients living in:

  • homes
  • nursing homes
  • group homes

Managing an emotional balance can be difficult and even seem impossible at times. COPES can offer emotional support to caregivers of patients who fit any of the following criteria:

  • wheelchair bound
  • immobile
  • walker dependent
  • oxygen dependent
  • bed bound
  • living with memory loss

COPES is not limited to these areas. All caregivers are invited, regardless of the diagnosis of their loved one. COPES enables you to safely and more easily do your job with information from professionals. Caregiving is a tremendous full-time job. COPES can help you.

Tips For Caregivers

  • Be gentle with yourself.
  • Remind yourself that you are a caregiver, not a magician.
  • Find a solitary place to relax and relax there daily.
  • In light of the pain you see, you are bound to feel helpless at times. Admit this without shame. Caring and being there are sometimes more important than doing anything.
  • Change your routine often and your tasks when you can.
  • Learn to recognize the difference between complaining that relieves and complaining that reinforces negative stress.
  • Be a resource to yourself! Get creative, try new approaches.

The VNA has resources that offer caregivers practical training and educational support while caring for a sick loved one. For more information, please  contact the VNA’s Bereavement Department at 1-866-705-6681.