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Fall Prevention

Every year one in three Americans over sixty-five falls at home. For older adults, any broken bone can be serious, and chances are you know someone who has fallen or who is afraid of falling.

Sense of Balance is VNA’s Fall Prevention Program

Our fall prevention program, Sense of Balance, was designed for people struggling with vestibular and balance disorders. Through a focus on fall prevention, the VNA helps manage your condition so you can a live healthy, independent, and balanced life. People living with vestibular disorders often experience problems with balance and position or movement-related dizziness. The VNA’s Sense of Balance program is designed to alleviate these symptoms, reducing Emergency Room admissions due to falls, as well as decreasing the fear of falling.

Sense of Balance Benefits

The VNA’s Sense of Balance program benefits our patients by alleviating symptoms of vestibular and balance disorders as well as decreasing their fear of falling.

  • Vestibular Therapy
  • Balance Re-education
  • Fall Prevention Education
  • Low Vision Treatment

The Sense of Balance Program will provide vestibular therapy, low vision treatment, balance re-education, and fall prevention.  We also specialize in treating patients with balance challenges and vestibular disorders such as Meniere’s Disease, BPPV, Lairynthitis, Stroke, MS, and Parkinson’s.

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