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Equality in the Workplace

We are an organization founded on the principle of caring for all. Though, inclusivity and equality are woven into the fabric of the VNA, we can always do better. We are taking this time to listen and learn on how we can create a better workplace for all. 

Action #1 – Being Heard

On June 8, our CEO sent out an open invitation to all employees encouraging those interested to engage in a thoughtful conversation about equality in the workplace. During this designated time, we can learn from our employees as they share their thoughts, experiences and advice.  

Action #2 – Make Change

A task force will be formed to address identified issues. This task force will be made up of VNA family members who are committed to making the VNA a better workplace for all. This group of volunteers will be able to make suggestions and hold the company accountable to ensure we are achieving our goals.

Action #3 – Transparency and Accountability

We will be updating our staff and this page on progress made. Doing this will ensure accountability that we are holding true to the statements we are making today.