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Cancer Care

If you are undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy, you may experience severe weakness and become home bound because you are tired, don’t feel like eating, and your immune system may be suppressed. In fact, you may have underestimated just how much your treatment would affect your entire body.

Our nurses can help by supporting and educating you about cancer and your treatments.

Nursing Support

  • Review and educate about prescription and medications
  • Teach about injections
  • Provide wound and ostomy care

Educational Support

  • Teach about potential side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Help patients understand and prepare for melanoma cancer treatment
  • Explain purpose of blood work

Therapy Support

  • Ensure patients have safe home environment
  • Help patients with difficulty swallowing due to head/neck treatments

Caregiver Support

  • Arrange for private care services to augment intermittent care
  • Social workers coordinate help with meals, support groups, and other community resources

VNA oncology services will also provide nutritional support by assessing caloric needs/intake and make recommendations for diet; provide nursing support by reviewing and teaching about prescription and Over-the-Counter medications and helping educate about pain medications and dosing; prevent common side effects like constipation; provide educational support by teaching about potential side effects and explaining results of blood work; provide therapy support by ensuring you have a safe home environment; and provide caregiver support by helping coordinate insurance benefits; help with meals, support groups, and other community resources.

If you would like to receive more information on VNA’s Home Health services, click here or call us at 772-494-6161.