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Hospice Services

We offer a full range of Hospice Care Services

VNA Hospice believes patients and families are the center of everything we do. Your goals and needs drive the development of a plan of care designed specifically for you. We believe every person deserves to be treated with compassion, dignity and respect, and we put that belief into action through our hospice program.

Family Assistance

Our hospice professionals know that serious illness affects the whole family, and we’re here to help you focus on the things that matter most. Learn more.

Pain Management

One of the main focuses of hospice is pain management. For many, as a disease progresses the symptoms and pain levels of the disease change. Learn more.

Medication and Supplies

One of the many benefits of hospice services is that the VNA will be able to provide your loved one necessary supplies related to their illness. Learn more.

Grief Support

You and your loved ones will probably go through a wide range of feelings. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. Learn more.

Spiritual Support

VNA Hospice’s non-denominational chaplains work with patients and families who choose to include spiritual care in their hospice plan to guide them through this challenging time. Learn more.

Alternative Therapy

VNA Hospice understands that response to treatment or therapy is individualized and that what works for some might not be as effective for others. Learn more.

Hospice House

A unique blend of beauty and function, the VNA Hospice House was built to serve as a home-like haven for residents and their families. The 12,000 square-foot building has twelve private bedrooms. Learn more.

If you would like to receive more information on VNA’s Hospice services, click here or call us at 772-494-6161.