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Brevard Cty: 321.805.3848

Help for Family Caregivers

Our hospice professionals know that serious illness affects the whole family, and we’re here to help you focus on the things that matter most. Our hospice team will manage pain, help your loved one feel as comfortable as possible and help you understand what to expect. Our patients and their families participate fully in the health care provided.

We’re Here to Help

Along with managing pain and symptoms, we will teach you how to help your loved one when we’re not with you. We also can get your loved one out to enjoy activities, or stay with them at home while you take a break. We’ll also be there to help you through the practical matters, such as insurance paperwork or finding community resources. We offer you our presence, whenever you need to lean on us. Our compassionate staff will guide you through your most challenging questions and issues.

Let Us Guide You

Our staff can help guide you through issues which may seem overwhelming to you. We listen to and support you, our patients and their family with whatever discussions, resources or practices that are meaningful to them.


If you would like to receive more information on VNA’s Hospice services, click here or call us at 772-494-6161.