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Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System

The VNA is now offering Philips Lifeline in Vero Beach, FL to help seniors age safely and independently in their homes.

Philips Lifeline is the #1 medical alert service in the country. Lifeline products offer seniors and individuals added protection of living and aging safely in the home. Lifeline gives you a range of options to help you achieve your goal of living independently at home. Whether you choose HomeSafe Standard, HomeSafe with AutoAlert or GoSafe with AutoAlert, you can breathe easily with your added security.

How Lifeline Works

Getting help is as simple as a push of a button.  By wearing your alert system, you can push a button to receive 24/7 assistance. With the AutoAlert systems, you get an extra layer of protection which will detect that you’ve fallen and automatically place a call to the Lifeline response center. And with GoSafe Auto Alert, you can take this system with you outside the home. When it’s alerted that help is needed, a Lifeline response associate will speak to you through the unit or device and can quickly access your profile and asses your situation. The lifeline response associate can contact your neighbor, loved one or emergency services – based on your preferences – and will follow up with you to ensure that help as arrived.

Get the Lifeline System that is Best for You

Lifeline’s three systems are designed to help a range of individuals from those who are looking for protection while in the home or want to take it with them on the go! VNA Lifeline’s three system options include:


HomeSafe Standard

Lifeline’s HomeSafe Standard system provides basic protection in the home with a wearable alert system that allows you to push a button when help is needed.


HomeSafe with AutoAlert

Lifeline’s AutoAlert can detect a fall and will automatically place a call for help for when you are unable to push your button.


GoSafe with AutoAlert

The Lifeline GoSafe system gives you the most protection and is best for those who want to take their Lifeline system with them outside the home. This mobile system can travel with you anywhere in the United States, and with the built in AutoAlert detection, gives you the safety you need wherever you are.

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