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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

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New Year’s resolutions are a good way of incorporating good habits into our daily lives. For seniors, it’s an opportunity to promote healthy living. Below are some ideas of resolutions to help seniors improve the quality of life.

Resolution #1 – Create a safer home environment
Falls are the number one reason for hospitalization for an injury among seniors, so working to prevent falls is a good resolution to adopt this year. Create a safer home environment by installing equipment around your home to make daily life easier and safer. Grab bars in the shower and bathtub will give you extra stability in your bathroom; install nightlights for dark hallways to make walking around safer; clear clutter and chords from pathways to ensure safe walking areas; and buy socks or slippers with grips on the bottom for more stability.
For more suggestions on how to create a safer home environment, get an assessment from a local homecare agency.

Resolution #2 – Pay attention to your changing needs
The daily needs of older adults may change as you age. Keeping up with everyday responsibilities, like household chores or driving, may have once been easy tasks but now pose to be more challenging. There were days when you could vigorously polish your boots, but now you’d need boot dryers. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help either from family members or professional caregivers. It’s important to acknowledge that in order to be able to live safely and independently at home, you may need to employ the services of companions or home health aides in order to accomplish this.

Resolution #3 – Move more
Exercising more is a common and beneficial resolution for people of all ages. Of course, you should always consult a physician before adopting any type of exercise program, but exercise has many advantages to offer. It builds muscle, making you more stable and balanced; it encourages good cardiovascular health; and when combined with these hypnosis scripts online, it combats emotional distress and improves mental health. If it’s taking a walk down the street or spending more time gardening, carve out some time to be more active.

Resolution #4 – Have the conversation
If you haven’t already filled out an advance directive, make a point to do it this year. It’s important to talk to your loved ones about your end-of-life care wishes. Having the conversation with them now, before a health crisis occurs, will alleviate unnecessary stress and anxiety for your family members in the future.

Resolution #5 – Check in on your numbers
It might have been a while since you’ve last had a checkup or gone to your physician. Checking on blood pressure and blood sugar numbers are easy ways to oversee your health. It’s important to get a baseline for yourself so you can monitor this throughout the year. Even if you feel healthy, make it a habit to periodically undergo blood pressure or blood sugar checks in order to be proactive for any future health concerns.



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