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Preventing Falls at Home

Help from professional caregivers can further reduce the risk of falls and improve safe, independent living at home.

Falls are the number one cause for injury and hospital visits due to trauma for those aged 65 years or older, and every year, one in three adults aged 65 or older fall. Less than half may talk to their healthcare provider about their fall. It’s important to be proactive to prevent falls in the home and take precautions to avoid unnecessary injury or hospital visits.

Preventing falls at home

To be proactive, you should seek help to identify those hazards that put you or your loved one at risk for falling. Some of the steps that can help prevent falls may include understanding the side effects of your medications, changing certain elements in your home environment or undergoing specific exercises that promote balance and stability.

Get a free fall risk assessment

A VNA Private Care caregiver can conduct a free assessment on your loved one’s living space and make suggestions on how to create a safer home. With private home care, you will be able to customize the care to fit your needs and goals. As your needs change, your services can change. This includes making ongoing adjustments to your home to ensure that you or your loved one is living in the safest setting at home.