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Wound Care

Properly caring for a wound is critical to preventing infections or even hospitalization.

VNA nurses can clean wounds and change dressings on a regular basis to ensure that the wound is healing quickly and safely. Our staff will oversee the care of a wound, which helps minimize the risk of infection and eliminate unnecessary trips to the hospital or physician’s office.

Wound care services

Properly treating a wound is essential to the healing process. Ongoing help to maintain, clean and treat a wound is part of our wound care services. Our clinicians will create a personalized plan of care that supports you or your loved ones needs and goals. Our wound care services include:

  • Cleaning and maintaining wound
  • Changing dressings
  • Ostomy care
  • Teaching patient and caregivers on proper treatment methods
  • Assessing possible risk factors
  • Providing education on identifying and preventing infection

Importance of proper wound care

When it comes to wound care, implementing proper techniques and treatments is imperative to ensure that your wound heals in a timely manner.  You will need to learn how to properly clean and protect your wound from any bacteria or infections. Unable to protect or disinfect your would could put you at risk for hospitalization, which also puts your health at unnecessary risk. If you are currently tending to a wound or caring for someone who is, be sure that you know understand what is needed for proper wound care.


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